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Burnett Risk Control International was founded in 2003 in response to the need for accurate, compassionate resolution to sexual misconduct claims with a focus on truth, justice, prevention and healing. Best intentions and best practices are important, but not enough. The goal should be elimination of sexual abuse, which will result in excellence in loss prevention and risk control. Investment in prevention programs can pay off in many ways -- time, financial resources, and most importantly by eliminating sexual abuse.

We integrate risk control tools to develop and strengthen your program by advising on:

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  • Sexual abuse claim valuation

  • Safe environment programs and training

  • Audits of personnel sexual abuse risks

  • Sexual abuse notice and reporting procedures

  • Claim resolution strategies

  • Leadership in the defense of claims

  • Insurance and coverage consulting

  • Updated human resources and hiring policies

  • Procedures to prevent premises liability

  • Technology abuse policies

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Michael Burnett has been an attorney for 30 years, and an expert in the valuation and resolution of sexual misconduct claims. In a variety of ways, he assists institutions in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation perpetrated against minors and vulnerable adults. He has settled thousands of sexual abuse claims -- as valuation expert, consultant, advisor, mediator and coverage counsel. He has represented a variety of clients in coverage claims, and provides valuation, coverage and resolution strategy services to insurers and insureds.


In resolving abuse claims, Michael uses his extensive knowledge, expertise and his proprietary database to determine fair and just claim valuations. During the resolution process, he treats survivors of abuse with empathy, respect and compassion, and helps them to understand their claim valuation and the factors that comprise it. He works to keep the process non-adversarial, and survivors frequently comment that they feel “heard” and cared about in the process.


Michael seeks to assist organizations in eliminating sexual misconduct and helps them to identify gaps in protocol so that opportunities for misconduct can be eradicated. In his work, he helps to prevent or significantly reduce sexual abuse in institutions and society, and the enormous associated human and financial costs.


Michael is a frequent speaker in the U.S. and abroad, and author on sexual misconduct, insurance coverage and risk control.


Michael Burnett holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame,

and a JD from Notre Dame Law School.

"Often, the best, most cost-effective and compassionate end to a sexual abuse claim includes fair and just monetary compensation. A fair settlement must reflect proper claim valuation."

-Michael Burnett, JD



In addition to Mr. Burnett's legal competence and integrity, he was diligent, thorough and pastoral in his approach.

Attorney Michael Vaccari,

New York, NY

Mr. Burnett's analyses were exceptional. His expertise in the valuation of sexual abuse claims, and his insurance coverage and risk management expertise were all critically important to our decisions.

Attorneys Maryann Taylor and Michael Walsh

Mr. Burnett's expertise in valuation and settlement of sexual abuse claims, which involved insurance coverage issues, was invaluable, and resulted in an award of millions of dollars for our client.

Stephen J. Henne,

VP of Claims,

The National Catholic Risk Retention Group

Michael Burnett has mediated many cases on our behalf, and his assistance has helped mitigate the pain and damage felt by abuse victims as well as the costs to us and our shareholders.

Fr. John Celichowski,

OFM Cap., Provincial Minister

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