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“Often, the best, most cost-effective and compassionate end to a sexual abuse claim includes fair and just monetary compensation.

A fair settlement must reflect proper claim valuation.”

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Burnett Risk Control International will soon be opening up the          Burnett Proprietary Database to subscribers.

Contact Michael Burnett at 704-241-4082 or at   for details and a demonstration of its capabilities.

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Burnett Proprietary Database


Burnett Risk Control International has compiled an extensive and proprietary database of sexual abuse claims, settlements and verdicts from all over the world that has distinguished us as the premier sexual abuse claim valuation experts. The proprietary Burnett Database sets us apart as leaders in the valuation of sexual abuse claims. The Burnett Database is comprised of tens of thousands of claims, settlements and verdicts dating back many decades. The Burnett Database includes hundreds of thousands of data points along with extensive legal claim details and analysis.  We employ numerous metrics and data analytics to arrive at accurate claim valuations and value ranges and to identify valuation trends. What further sets us apart is our methodology of comprehensive research, meticulous and detailed input of claim data, and continuous updates to reflect developments as new information emerges.


The Burnett Database of sexual abuse claims enables us to produce accurate, nuanced and supportable sexual abuse claim values and value ranges that assist in the monetary settlement aspects of claim resolution. This provides for a complex and well-informed process to discern the most accurate claim value and settlement trends. To be truly effective and to reflect the parameters of proper compensation, there must be updated valuations that reflect the status of a claim at any given development in the life of a claim. 


Accurate claim valuation is an evolving quotient involving numerous metrics. It provides context in how a claim is assessed, handled and resolved.  Proper and accurate sexual abuse claim valuation gives abuse survivors and their attorneys confidence that they are receiving just and fair monetary compensation, especially vis-à-vis similar claims. 

Accurate claim valuation:


  • Helps resolve sexual abuse claims with supportable data analytics;

  • Helps insurers and reinsurers develop meaningful and accurate claim reserves and supportable bases for valuation of the loss component of claim costs; 

  • Helps defense attorneys and their clients develop a better context for decisions about budgeting and claim resolutions; and

  • Helps survivors of abuse understand the valuation of their claim, based on data analytics and trends.

The Burnett Database is comprised of extensive data submitted to metrics and analytics in sexual abuse claims, which we use to help guide your organization in the handling of abuse claims and to assist in achieving just and fair resolution of claims.

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