Expert Witness

Michael Burnett has been an attorney for 30 years, with decades of experience both as an insurance coverage attorney and as an attorney who has handled thousands of cases involving sexual abuse, exploitation, harassment, discrimination and Title IX claims. Burnett has represented domestic and international insurers as well as insured policyholders. He serves as a consultant and an expert in valuation of sexual abuse claims and in insurance and reinsurance disputes involving underlying sexual abuse claims. He has also served as a valuation consultant, mediator, resolution consultant and coverage counsel and consultant. He has assisted in the interpretation of insurance policies and in the drafting of policy language. He has also provided expert risk, valuation and insurance analysis for a structured finance and bond issuer to assist in their assessment of sexual abuse exposures and underwriting decisions. He has assisted with valuation, resolution and coverage services for numerous religious denominations, charities and residential schools.


Insurance Consulting

Michael Burnett is an experienced insurance coverage attorney with over 30 years of insurance coverage experience. He has assisted both insurers and insureds. He has represented and consulted with numerous domestic and international insurers and has negotiated and/or assisted in the resolution of countless coverage and reinsurance disputes. Michael Burnett helps insurers and insureds to quickly assess a claim and to determine the parameters of coverage, which provides context for and aids in the handling of a claim or litigation.

Insurers often reward:

  • Proactive insureds that avoid liability exposure and expensive claims handling costs;

  • Organizations that employ effective risk control measures versus those which default to reactive, uncoordinated and costly practices undertaken by dispute-oriented claims handling professionals; and

  • Churches and non-profits that nurture and protect their religious and charitable missions by preventing sexual abuse and scandal, which also ensures their viability as insurable risks.

Michael Burnett assists insurers, brokers, churches and nonprofits to develop the best, most affordable and customized risk financing and transfer programs possible. An effective program of abuse prevention, loss control and proper claims handling assists insured churches, charities and other nonprofits to “put their best foot forward” in the risk transfer marketplace. Michael Burnett’s expertise assists brokers and underwriters to more accurately discern the risk presented by a prospective insured in the placing and underwriting of insurance products.


Mediation Services

Michael Burnett has served as a mediator in sexual abuse cases. He has utilized a more collaborative approach than is typically found in traditional mediation involving commercial disputes and contract disputes. The sensitive nature of sexual abuse claims calls for a more compassionate process than is often found in other litigated disputes. Mediation should take place as soon as possible in the life of the claim so as to avoid painful and costly protracted litigation. When parties wait until substantial time and litigation has transpired, much damage is done and healing is more difficult to achieve. Michael Burnett attempts to bring the stakeholders together as soon as possible and to partner with them for a compassionate and cost-effective resolution.